SCBA members are committed to educating the local public about the honey bee and pollinator habitat. Learn about pollination, honey bee biology, and how you can help save honey bees and pollinators. We have a hive full of knowledgeable and entertaining speaker/presenters prepared to teach through public talks and educational exhibits.

Education is key to becoming a good steward of the honey bee. Reach out to fellow beekeepers and engage in ‘bee talk’ – it is infectious and everyone has a story, theory, method, and reasoning for it all. Becoming a SCBA member gives you access to a library filled with books, videos, and more – all having something to do with the wonderful Apis mellifera.

Want to learn more? Check out the following sections!

SCBA Best Management Practices

As a member of SCBA or as a beekeeper in general, these are good practices to adhere by.

SCBA Educational Presentations

SCBA providing honey bee education for the public and schools.

Beekeeping Basics

Thinking about getting bees? Find out how to keep bees and get started.

Gardening for Bees

Creating habitat for bees is one of the first lessons of beekeeping.

Honey Bee Biology

Birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.

Member Educators & Mentors

Experienced beekeepers willing to answer questions and help you with your bees.

Bee News

Find links to local and regional online beekeeping and pollinator news.