2019 Membership

Membership with SCBA entitles you to many benefits, but first and foremost you are supporting the bees!

SCBA Membership

General Membership: $50.00/year

Includes up to two adults in the same household with the same address.

General Membership Benefits

  • 1 vote
  • 1 cluster group (cluster group activities include bee cafes, workshops, and hive dives)
  • 1 swarm region listing (for those wishing to be on the swarm list)
  • 1 email address
  • Benefits for up to 2 adults in the same household
  • Library checkout opportunities for each registered member

Business Membership: $100.00/year

Includes up to two adults in the same household with the same address.

Business Membership Benefits

  • 1 vote
  • May belong to up to 5 cluster groups (priority for attendance to cluster events given to home cluster members first)
  • May be listed on up to 5 cluster region swarm lists
  • Access to the business table at monthly meetings to discuss business and distribute business cards (at business table only)
  • A listing on the business member page – please see listing specifications for more information
  • A business card size ad in The Extractor – see ad specifications

Student Membership: Free

Honorary “Beekeepers of Tomorrow”: Youth between the ages of 8 – 21.

  • No vote

Options for payment

Please note that your membership fee is for the calendar year in which you enroll.

Option 1: Join/renew online here.

Option 2: Purchase by mail (check only). Please mail complete membership application

SCBA 2019 MembershipApplication  with payment to:

P.O. Box 98
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Option 3: Make payment at SCBA Membership meeting (cash, check or charge).  Please present completed application  SCBA2019MembershipApplication  with payment at any monthly meeting.

Member Volunteer Responsibilities

There are many events and opportunities that need your valuable help as we cannot function without the help of volunteers. We ask everyone to volunteer or be available to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours per year.

The following is a partial list of opportunities to choose from:

Meetings: (2-3 hours) refreshments, set-up/take-down chairs and tables etc.
Fairs: (2-3 hours) Heirloom, County, and Gravenstein Fair.
Events: (2-3 hours) Sonoma County Children’s Museum, Discovery Day, Sonoma State Science Day.
Cluster Events: (3 hours) Hosting a Bee Café or a Hive Dive.
Education: (2 hours) Assisting with a classroom presentation.
Fundraising: Coordinating event, assisting the coordinator.
Association: Cluster team coordinator, board position.
Assisting: (3 hours) assisting a cluster coordinator or board member (phone calls, computer, newsletter).

For more information on volunteer opportunities contact one of our Coordinators at volunteers@sonomabees.org

For a complete list of member benefits please see: SCBA Member Benefits.

As a member you agree to abide by SCBA Best Management Practices.

SCBA Mission Statement

Our goal is to increase interest in and knowledge of bees and beekeeping for the hobby and commercial beekeeper, and to educate the general public in the value of bees.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!